Yoko Ono Turns on John Lemon

By Gary Cutlack on at

Artist and brand custodian Yoko Ono has successfully taken action against a lemonade company, which was selling a version of the timeless fizzy drink under the name John Lemon. It's a clever name, but a bit too close in sounds and visual likeness to a certain Liverpudlian songwriter.

That's what she said, anyway, and the company, Mr Lemonade Alternative Drinks, has agreed to change the name of its product to On Lemon. It wasn't solely the use of the name that offended Ono and her people, it was the use of images of John Lennon, edited to include lemons and shared on social media, that pushed them into taking legal action.

The posh lemonade company's Karol Chamera said of the capitulation: "They are trying to find a case because of similarity of the name, but these are two different names, two different brands. All of us involved with this product are start-ups and we couldn’t take on someone who is worth many, many millions." [East London Advertiser via Guardian]

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