You Can No Longer Download Apps on Apple's Desktop iTunes

By Kim Snaith on at

When iTunes first launched over 15 years ago, it was just about music. Then, over the years, Apple's added more stuff to it: TV programmes, movies, and even apps. Seemingly, they're now going back to those earlier roots by removing apps from the latest version of iTunes.

Once you've upgraded your computer's iTunes installation to version 12.7, you'll no longer be able to manage your App downloads from the program. You'll have to do it completely on your mobile device.

Of course, nothing is changing with the App Store — it will just no longer be integrated into iTunes as it has been for the last few years. You'll now have to head to the App Store on your mobile device to find all your purchased and downloaded apps. It makes more sense, if you ask me.

Other changes to version 12.7 of iTunes includes a new 'Internet Radio' section in the sidebar, easier ringtone management, and Apple's iTunes U content being integrated into Podcasts. [TechRadar]

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