You Might Struggle to Get a Nintendo Switch For Christmas

By Kim Snaith on at

Since the Nintendo Switch released in March earlier this year, there have been supply issues. Even now, over six months later, some shops are still struggling to keep them stocked. It looks like the situation isn't going to improve in time for the Christmas shopping rush, either.

In an interview with Variety magazine this week, Nintendo's COO Reggie Fils-Aime spoke a little about their ongoing stock issues. It's the company's aim to sell 10 million units before the end of the financial year, and while they're well on track to reach that, it's going to be stock numbers that hold them back. On the subject, Fils-Aime said:

"Certainly the demand is there, and our supply chain is there. Are we going to have enough for the holiday? That's what we are focused on."

So while he's not expressly saying there will be stock issues, he's not saying there won't be, either. And given Nintendo's track record of understocking desirable consoles, it's very likely the Switch will continue the trend for several months longer.

My advice? If you want to get one in time for Christmas, don't leave it until the last minute. Buy one now while stock is still floating around — they're available right now on Amazon, in fact. [Variety]