Young People Don't Care About Religion, New Figures Reveal

By James O Malley on at

Bloody kids today, what are they like? When they're not voting Remain and suffering from a decade of no real terms wage increases, it turns out that one thing they're not doing is going to church.

New figures have been released by the British Social Attitudes Survey, which has been published today. The large-scale study reveals that a whopping 71% of 18-24 year olds say they belong to no religion. Yep, put down that heavy crucifix and pick up a fidget spinner: just 3% of young 'uns identify as Church of England and another 5% as Catholic. Perhaps in a few decades if someone asks if the Pope is Catholic, it might be worth actually checking.

Britain becoming an increasingly secular place won't be much of a surprise to anyone who has ever switched on BBC One on Easter Sunday morning and wondered why they're all wearing funny hats, but the scale of the irreligiosity of young people might be a particular surprise. By the time everyone's grandparents have moved from the pews into the grounds surrounding the church, the closest thing we might get to blessing the meek might be giving them a thumbs up on Facebook Messenger.

According to the same study, the number of self-identify Christians increases to only 5% and 9% for CofE and Catholic amongst 25-34 year olds - and more broadly, 53% of the population at large identify as non-religious.

As you might imagine, this has got non-religious campaigners Humanists UK pretty excited. Reacting to the figures they point out that it is a bit weird that despite 97% of kids not being CofE, 20% of British schools technically belong to the Church.

And while this is a good point, we also think this is a good excuse to sit back and do some pseudo-intellectual chin stroking: Sure, these young people might say they have no religion, but isn't Apple the real religion these days? Hmmmm?