A Lot of UK Apple Watch Owners are Struggling to Activate LTE Connectivity

By Tom Pritchard on at

LTE on watches is nothing new, but now Apple's done with the Apple Watch Series 3 so a large number of people have suddenly decided it's worth having. The problem is that a large number of them can't actually activate the LTE connectivity on their expensive wrist computers.

9to5Mac reports that a lot of people in the UK are struggling to get their watches going. EE, the only network to support LTE Apple Watches at the moment, says it's aware of the issue, though customers will need to call them to deal with the issue. Provided the watch doesn't say 'activating', that is.

Apparently if you head to Mobile Data on the watch, and see it says 'activating' then all you need to do is wait. Apparently the process can take up to two hours, which means you just need to be patient. EE says that there are four error messages that might pop up, which mean customers should stop trying to activate the watch and pick up the phone:

  • Activation failed
  • Error code 019
  • Error code 007
  • This account is not ready to use with Apple Watch

9to5Mac notes that the network is having to deal with a heavy backlog of calls, so getting someone to call you back might take some time. In the meantime the site has the steps EE will take you through to get things going:

  • Contact EE and get them to remove and re-associate a new esim on your account
  • Unpair your watch from your iphone
  • Turn the watch off and leave it for at least 3 hours
  • Turn off WiFi on your iPhone
  • Pair your Watch to your iPhone and set it up as a new Watch (do not choose restore from backup)
  • Select add data plan when prompted

Sounds like a massive pain to me, but that might be because I'm not very patient. If you want to get your LTE watch working, it looks like you're going to need plenty of it. [9to5Mac]

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