A New Version of Kodi is Here, So Don't Forget to Update

By Tom Pritchard on at

Despite all the negative press, there are plenty of ways you can use Kodi, and devices running it, to improve the way you consume all your favourite media content. So it's always a good day when the XBMC Foundation releases a new version of Kodi for the masses to enjoy.

Sadly this isn't the long-awaited update to version 18, known as Leia. Instead this is a major update to version 17 (Krypton). Here are the changes you can enjoy when you update to Kodi 17.5:

  • Joysticks: Fix accelerometers preventing screensaver
  • More robust way of handling audio output on variety of Android devices
  • Fix playback of DVD file over network on Linux
  • Update to FFmpeg 3.1.11
  • Fix up and down buttons on IR remotes with MacOS High Sierra
  • Added latest Apple devices to allow Retina support
  • Fix not being able to add content manually to video library
  • Fix power message handling for CEC
  • Fix jumping timeline while switching channel groups in Guide window

Kodi promises that the update will build on top of your existing version of the media centre, leaving all your add-ons, skins, and files intact. The latest version can be accessed from Kodi's official downloads page, though if you're an Android user that downloaded it from Google Play the update should come from there.

And remember everyone, Kodi is perfectly legal - as long as you don't go installing add-ons that let you watch pirated content. [Kodi via Trusted Reviews]

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