A Rest is as Good as a Course of Ciprofolxacin

By Gary Cutlack on at

Public Health England says people should calm down a bit on demanding antibiotics for common complaints, with its data finding that a fifth of ailments will simply get better by themselves without the need for any more medical intervention than a day off drinking tea in front of the TV.

PHE says it might be worth banking your antibiotic use for future cases of pneumonia and sepsis, with common antibiotics only reducing the feeling sick time of coughs by a day or two. PHE medical director professor Paul Cosford told the BBC: "We don't often need antibiotics for common conditions. The majority of us will get infections from time to time and will recover because of our own immunity."

Hence you should pretend it's the 1800s the next time you get sick, and recover by having a few brandies in front of Homes Under the Hammer while rubbing stingy nettles into your throat. [BBC]

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