Add Aldi to the List of Retailers That'll Still Take Old Pound Coins After Sunday

By Tom Pritchard on at

After Sunday the old round pound coin is officially not legal tender, which means the only places guaranteed to accept it are banks and post offices. Well and some retailers who have confirmed they will continue to accept the old coin for a brief period of time. Aldi is the latest, promising to accept old pound coins for a further two weeks after the deadline.

That means the budget supermarket joins the ranks of Poundland and Tesco, the only other two major retailer who have confirmed all their stores will still accept the old currency. Poundland promised to accept them until 31st October, and Tesco until 22nd October.

So if you still have some pound coins rattling around after Sunday (you've had plenty of warning, though), you know where to go. And remember: after Sunday shops aren't allowed to give old pound coins as change - so don't accept them.

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