Airlander Plans Holidays in the Sky

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Airlander 10 big bottomed balloon thing has found its first commercial use, with a travel company set to offer a bed on the ship for tourist runs from next year.

Henry Cookson Adventures has done the deal to take the airship on its first commercial flights, although it's already being sold as an "ultra-high-end travel" option; meaning you'll probably have to blow a few hundred grand on hiring it out exclusively for yourself and the wife, or a couple of mates and a prostitute.

A company called Design Q has joined the companies to spec up the interior of the airship's pod, although there's no specific travel plan in place as yet. The idea is that the super rich get to choose their own destinations, with HCA suggesting it could fly its occupants as far as the North Pole, even though it's not done much more yet than potter about above its sheds in Cardington. [DPA]

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