Aldi Puts a Roast Dinner in a Sausage Roll

By Gary Cutlack on at

Aldi has invented a new weird type of food it thinks the British might like, and to be fair, we probably will eat them cold in the chilled aisle them sheepishly hand over the wrapper to be scanned in at the till, they look that nice.

It's a beef brisket Yorkshire pudding burrito, or if you like, a sort of ultra deluxe king sausage roll that contains an entire roast dinner, with all the meat conveniently contained within an edible Yorkshire sarcophagus. A roast dinner you can eat out of the bag it comes in. With one hand.

Seeing as it's supposed to be a deluxe item for the aspirational Englishman, it comes in at a fairly high cost of £7.99; although this does apparently come with enough to get five portions out of it, and there's a red wine and onion gravy sauce. Aldi clearly seems to think it might make some sort of centrepiece at a dinner party, although it's more likely to be something you eat half of by yourself then bin the rest in tears at how it came to this while hoping the onions in it count as one of your five a day. [Metro]

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