Amazon's Cambridge Office Has the World's Saddest Mini Golf Course

By Gary Cutlack on at

Silicon Valley quirkiness is about to arrive in Cambridge, with Amazon preparing to open a new office there for around 400 people. The tech giant is so proud of its quirky internals it's invited locals in to have a look ahead of the grand opening.

It's not exactly glorious, though. Cambridge News has a photo of some chairs and a few potted plants hanging up, along with a wall display made out of Echo speakers. The extremely depressing mini golf course pictured above is likely to have fallen into disrepair by next spring, plus there's this:

...some adverts for services provided by the company on the wall, not forgetting the amazing meeting space...

...which is some nice chairs around a small table. After six months awkwardly chillaxing in the forced atmosphere there you'll be wishing you were in one of its factories instead. [Cambridge News]

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