Apple's Tax Ruling Might See Ireland Slapped With a Non-Compliance Fine

By Tom Pritchard on at

Everyone knows that Apple has been slapped with a €15 billion ( £13.2 billion) fine for using Ireland as a tax haven, and everyone knows both Apple and Ireland weren't happy about being told off. Well everyone is about to get even more annoyed, because Ireland could end up being fined as well.

According to sources speaking to Bloomberg, the European Commission is planning on taking non-compliance action against Ireland. The issue at hand is Ireland not collecting Apple's back taxes quickly enough, and proceedings may begin as early as this week.

In case you forgot, the whole issue is that the EU ruled that Ireland gave Apple preferential treatment with a special tax deal.

The original fine was actually due by 3rd of January, and while Apple placed the money in an escrow account (pending appeal), Ireland hasn't done anything with it. Ireland agreed to collect the money on behalf of the EU in mid-August, but without publicly protesting the fact it was being used as some sort of EU bailiff.

Why it took Ireland so long to agree is unclear, but it seems as though the collection is being further delayed because the country is still looking for a fund manager to deal with it. Once the money is collected it will then be placed in another escrow account, where it will stay until Apple's appeal is done. Apparently that could take up to five years.

When asked to comment, both the EU and Ireland's finance ministry declined to comment. [Bloomberg via 9to5Mac]

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