Argos is Trialling Minute-Past-Midnight Deliveries for the Launch of the Xbox One X

By Tom Pritchard on at

When it comes to the next big launch, you have a few choices. You can queue up for a couple of hours at a midnight launch to get your hands on at as soon as possible, or you can choose the convenience of home delivery by waiting a few extra hours. But what if you could get the best of both?

For the impending launch of the Xbox One X, due to arrive on 7th November, Argos is trialling a new system that will see certain customers get their hands on the console one minute after midnight. But here's the clincher, their console will be delivered directly to their front door. That means they'll have it before anyone else, since not even the first person in the in-store queues will be able to get it home that quickly.

There are some caveats, however. For starters you will need to pre-order the console from Argos, and the other is that you need to live in London (zones 1-5). There are only a limited number of pre-order slots available (presumably because each delivery will need its own dedicated van, and Argos only has so many of those), with details being announced at 8am tomorrow morning on Argos's Twitter account (@Argos_Online).

Argos has stressed in the press release that this offer is not open to people who have already pre-ordered the console. Instead the application process will involve pre-ordering a brand new system. So if you want to apply and already have an outstanding pe-order, you'll need to cancel it should your application be successful.

Aside from getting your console at midnight, Argos has confirmed that you won't be charged any extra for the delivery - just for £450 for the console itself.

If you haven't got a pre-order yet, and you miss out on your chance to get a midnight delivery, Argos will still be offering its regular fast-track same day delivery service on launch day. That's £3.95, and guarantees your console will arrive that day, provided they're in stock and that you order before 6pm.

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