Bees Show us by Producing Less Honey

By Gary Cutlack on at

Reports from beekeepers across the country show that honey yields have collapsed over the last year, as the nation's bees have been on a sort of strike of late. Although they probably don't realise they've been doing it.

The British Beekeepers Association say that the average beehive produced 23.8 lbs of honey over the last year, down nearly ten per cent on the production of the year before. Some of this might be down to the weather, what with Wales and the south west being unusually wet this summer, but beekeepers say it's more evidence of a general downward spiral in honey production that's been happening for years.

Apparently the heaving hives of the 1950s would regularly give up between 50 and 100 lbs of honey each year, with changes in farming methods and less fallow land leaving less pollen for the bees to put in their leg pockets and take home to eat up and sick out, or whatever weird thing they do to make it into the sweet breakfast accompaniment. [ITV News]

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