Bloodhound to Taxi up to 200mph in Cornwall Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've been getting emails about Bloodhound for years now, as every time someone files down a new bit of aluminium for the superfast jet car they bloody shout about it. Now, though, something properly exciting is about to happen. They're firing it up. At Newquay airport. Aer Lingus passengers are in for a treat.

The plan for today is to gradually test Bloodhound on the runways of Newquay, hoping to get it up to around 200mph once the three days of testing are complete. This phase is using just the Eurofighter-Typhoon jet engine to test rolling and performance on tyres rather than the aluminium discs it'll use for the land speed record assault in 2019, with the final rocket engine that's hoped to push it to near the 1,000mph barrier yet to be fitted. They're also yet to work out how to get their phones to sync with the radio over Bluetooth, as that's beyond today's technological knowhow.

Newquay Airport has never had is so good, and is warning regular fliers that traffic's going to be a nightmare while testing is underway, plus there will be even more security checks than usual. And no, you can't just sit in your car in the car park and watch the special car having a run or two. Some of the action will be streamed on Bloodhound's many social media presences if you feel the need to watch speed. [Bloodhound]

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