BT Chops Line Rental Fees for the Internetless

By Gary Cutlack on at

BT's bizarre old line rental scam is about to get a little bit fairer for some as, under pressure from communications regulator Ofcom, it's agreed to drastically reduce the cost of line rental for a sizeable chunk of its customer base.

It's unlikely to affect many of us lot, though, as the monthly line rental cost reduction from £18.99 to £11.99 is only for people who use BT's service purely for calling. Ofcom thinks the main beneficiaries of the cut will be elderly and vulnerable people, those unaware of or unwilling to bother with such delights as the internet, with the regulator suggesting that around one million people may see their phone fill fall by quite a substantial sum as a result.

The reduced line rental changes come into place from April of 2018, which might help sway decisions about future ISPs.

Ofcom seems hopeful that this might lead to a new line rental price war among rival ISPs, saying: "Of the UK’s 1.5 million landline-only customers, two thirds are with BT. This position has allowed BT to increase prices without much risk of losing customers, and other providers have followed BT’s pricing lead." Reuters]

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