Donald Trump is Heading to the UK for a 'Working Visit' Next Year

By Tom Pritchard on at

American President Donald Trump, whose last name is a synonym for fart in this country, is, to put it very lightly, not without his controversies. For that reason people have been upset that he might come to the UK for a state visit, causing it to be 'put on hold' out of fear there would be mass protests.

Trump himself also insisted that he wouldn't come to the UK until Theresa May could ensure people wouldn't be mean to him when he arrived.

But now it's been confirmed by the London Evening Standard that Sir Tweets-a-Lot is coming to the UK sometime next year, but he won't be here on a full state visit. Trump is coming for a 'working visit', which I assume is a code that means the President will be spending his time in the UK playing golf at the resort his company owns in Scotland.

What we know is that Trump's visit won't have the usual pomp and circumstance associated with state visits, and won't be a guest of the Queen. Which means he can't brag about how impressed she was with him, and how he could have pulled her if he had the time.

The Standard also speculates that the trip will be part of a wider tour, rather than a special visit to emphasise the 'special relationship' between the US and UK. Which I'm sure Theresa May is devastated about, seeing as how she seems to want to sort out a post-Brexit trade deal to replace all the trade we probably won't be doing with the EU.

A state visit is still set to go ahead at some point, though no dates have been set in stone just yet. You can be sure that Trump's visit won't be without its controversy, and the would be protesters out there are probably already shopping for yellow balloons en masse. [London Evening Standard]

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