FIFA Confirms the 2018 World Cup Will be Available in UHD, HDR, and VR

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's that time of decade again, with the World Cup set to kick off in Russia next year. Gearing up for the big event, FIFA has just confirmed that all matches will be available for broadcast in UHD HDR, and 360-degree virtual reality. So whether you want to watch the games on your new state of the art TV, or inside a headset of some sort, you should be covered.

Each game will be filmed with 37 different cameras, eight of which will support both UHD HDR and 1080p SDR picture. Another eight support 1080 with HDR and SDR, alongside eight super-slow-motion cameras, two ultra-motion cameras, a cable-cam, and a cineflex heli-cam.

How VR is going to work isn't entirely clear, but I assume that they set up a 360-degree camera in each stadium's optimum viewing position. That way people can strap on a headset and feel almost as though they're actually at the game.

FIFA claims to have a "proud legacy" of pioneering new broadcast technology to ensure fans have the best sports coverage possible. Evidently next year's World Cup will continue that by“pushing the boundaries of sports broadcast”. [Advanced Television]

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