First Christmas Train Travel Engineering Misery Announced

By Tom Pritchard on at

Ah Christmas. The most wonderful time of year, unless you have to go literally anywhere that's out of walking distance. It's the ultimate Christmas tradition to find that getting anywhere is almost impossible. Whether it's because of extreme traffic, or because all the trains have shut down for over a week.

That last thing isn't an exaggeration by the way, because Thameslink has just released its Christmas disruption schedule. Basically if you need a Thameslink train to get anywhere between 23rd December and 1st January, you're pretty much fucked.

As you can see six of the 11 stations served by Thameslink will have zero service for 10 days straight. Christmas Day and Boxing Day were a given anyway, so technically it's just eight days, but still it's pretty ridiculous.

The rest will have an 'amended timetable' which means probably means there will be one train going to your chosen destination, every 24 hours, which will cost more than your average first class ticket. Blackfriars will only have three days of that service, though, so at least that means people can flee their families after a few days of Christmas fights.

Bear in mind that this is just one train company and doesn't affect everyone. That said, the others will likely follow suit and release their timetable of inconvenience just in time to ruin your Christmas travel plans.

I don't like trains, can you tell? [Thameslink]

Image: Train Photos/Flickr

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