Google Explains Why Android Wear Devices Have Vanished From Google Play

By Tom Pritchard on at

Google announced quite a lot of stuff on Wednesday night, but there was one notable absence from the presentation: Android Wear. To make matters worse, people noticed that the Android Wear section of Google Play had been taken down - leading many to wonder if Google had abandoned smartwatches. Now, though, we seem to have an answer.

According to Hoi Lam, who works on Android Wear for Google, it's not a case of Google abandoning its smartwatch platform. Instead it's readjusting its focus so that Google Play only sells "Google made hardware". Android Wear isn't dead, it's just migrating to new, custom portals for other online retailers.

The decision isn't that surprising, given Google's new #madebygoogle slogan, but it is disappointing for anyone hoping to pick up a Pixel 2 and an accompanying smartwatch. Pebble is dead, and the Apple Watch isn't compatible, so Android Wear is the best possible choice.

And to be honest the custom Amazon storefront Lam linked to is a hell of a lot nicer than what Google Play had to offer. More choice too. [TechRadar]

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