Google's New Earbuds Have Google Translate Built In

By Tom Pritchard on at

Earbuds that translate languages aren't new, but they're not very well known or widely available. Well that should be about to change, because Google's announced it's own wireless earbuds that come with Google Translate built in. It's like the babel fish, but less discrete. Meet the Google Pixel Buds

Wireless might be a bit of a stretch, because they're not wireless wireless like Apple's Airpods or Samsung's Gear IconX. They are Bluetooth, though, and have a bunch of smart features built-in. That includes Google Assistant, media control (via capacitative touchpad), and as mentioned before Google Translate.

Shown of on stage were two people on stage speaking in two different languages. Using the earbuds and an accompanying Pixel, they were able to speak with the technology acting as an intermediary. One person had the translated conversation fed into her ears via the Pixel Buds, while the guy she was speaking to had to listen to what came out of a Pixel 2's speakers.

They have five hours of battery life, and a charging case that holds an additional 19 hours of charge.

It's hardly real time, and with a £159 price tag they're not cheap, but it's a nice looking bit of tech. Particularly since it'll be able translate 40 different languages.

They'll be available to pre-order later today, and are available in blue, white, and black.

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