Google no Longer Allows You to Switch Domains to Make Localised Searches Related to Specific Countries

By Dave Meikleham on at

Do you regularly switch Google domains to get localised searches related to a specific country? Bad news. The Big G has done away with this practice.

Image: Google

Previously, if you wanted localised search results tied to a country, you could change your domain so if you wanted Japanese results, for example. Now though, the internet giant says your searches will be tied to your current location, regardless of what domain you're visiting from.

Google claims it made the change because the majority of users make searches that are "related to location". Apparently, around one in five searches are tied to location, according to the firm.

The change has apparently been made to benefit travellers. Now, if you're in another country, Google will provide results related to your current location, switching these settings upon your return home.

In an email to The Verge, Google claims the switch isn't meant to change how the firm tackles legal requirements. For instance, if you're making searches in a country with strict search policies, certain results will still be removed under the new domain policy.

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