Grandad From Only Fools and Horses Regretted Not Shooting Hitler in the 1930s

By Gary Cutlack on at

Actor Lennard Pearce, famously known as "Grandad" in the BBC's Only Fools and Horses, could've changed the course of history, had he known what the hyperactive Nazi boss he shook the hand of would go on to do.

That's the bombshell out of the mouth of Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played Rodney alongside Pearce in the 1980s sitcom. Lyndhurst was talking as part of celebratory programme The Story of Only Fools and Horses, which airs this week, in which he retells Pearce's most staggering (pre-) war story.

Rodders said: "He was a young actor touring Europe and they were playing some German city and the Nazis walked in. The top honchos of the Nazi party had seen the play and came to congratulate them ­afterwards. Lennard shook hands with Adolf Hitler. He only ever told me once, but he said, 'Had I known then what I know now, I would have drawn the pistol from one of the bodyguards and I’d have done my best to kill him'."

Despite being a man of many skills, seeing the future was beyond even the ability of the young Pearce, so Hitler survived. [Telegraph]

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