Greggs Can be Delivered to Your House Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Imagine a Greggs sausage roll being stuffed through your letterbox at dinner time, because you clicked on a thing on your phone. It's 6:37pm. You are still in your pyjamas, or at least the old t-shirt and remnants of pants you call pyjamas, and food is coming remotely. Your family will not starve today.

This dreamlike fantasy scenario is now LIVE in Newcastle, thanks to Greggs teaming up with the local UberEats delivery wing of the taxi app company. The service launched yesterday, so some men have probably already eaten themselves dead by now. There are several catches to getting it to happen, mind, as potential in-home pie-eaters will need to live within one mile of a participating branch of a Greggs public feed facility, plus there's a flat £2.50 delivery fee -- but no minimum spend.

So yes, you can amaze visitors by having sausage rolls appear as if by magic, but you need to be in Newcastle at the moment. [Chronicle]

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