Hang On, Cod Might be Doomed Again

By Gary Cutlack on at

Just when we thought it was safe to eat the nice types of fish in the chip shop again instead of the flabby soggy ones Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall says are acceptable, our lovely cod is back on the danger list.

This time, however, the threat isn't from super-trawlers vacuuming them all out of the sea for our pleasure. It's the possibility of warmer seas resulting from global warming that could threaten fish stocks, with experts from the Scottish Association for Marine Science warning that cod, herring and haddock could eventually migrate away from the west coast of Scotland.

The good news -- for us, not the fish or our grandchildren -- is that this won't happen until the years 2100, by which time the popular and commercially valuable catch may have migrated away to colder waters further north. Meaning it'll be all catfish and octopus and those weird things off Blue Planet II and chips for the poor people of the future. [BBC]

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