Happy 60th Birthday, Tim Westwood!

By Tom Pritchard on at

I'd wager that most people in this country know who Tim Westwood is. The former Radio 1 DJ is credited as being responsible for bringing hip-hop to (legal) British airwaves back in the day, as is also known for hosting Pimp My Ride UK and allegedly being the inspiration for Ali G. He also turned 60 today.

Crazy right? It boggles my mind that a white dude with a middle class upbringing talks and behaves like a yoof. The fact that he is an old white dude doing that is truly mindblowing to me. He's older than my dad, and nearly old enough to claim a state pension. I always figured he was still in his 40s.

Westwood is older than 53-year old Nigel Farage, that man that isn't very fond of the EU, and little more than a year younger than 61-year old Theresa May who is allegedly the leader of our country. Jeremy Corbyn and Vince Cable are 68 and 74 respectively, though, and they definitely look it.

Well you're looking good for your age, Tim. Enjoy your big day.