iPhone Xs Are Already Being Scalped For Up to £1,400 on eBay

By Tom Pritchard on at

Remember how Nintendo's mini NES and SNES consoles got pre-ordered then immediately listed on eBay ready for the bids to come rolling in? Well the same thing is happening with the iPhone X, that phone that supposedly has a supply chain problem. Go on eBay right now and you'll see auctions selling of the new phone, and some are already in excess of the RRP.

At the time of writing there are a number of different listings up there. 'Buy it Now' auctions with sellers chancing it and asking for extortionate amounts of money (the highest being £1,999 for a 256GB model), and a number of auctions of varying prices. The ones of note are the auctions ending soon, since they're all over the standard RRP for the device.

At the moment I can see a 256GB model ending in a couple of hours time currently at £1,420 (RRP £1,149), a 64GB model (RRP £999) that just sold for £1,120, and another 64GB model with a few hours left to go currently sitting at £1,100. Some of the Buy it Now listings are a bit more extortionate (as you might expect), but at least one listing seems to have sold 19 of these already.

Other listings are dotted up and down the page and paint a pretty clear picture about the popularity of this device. A device that currently has a 5-6 week waiting period on pre-orders, and doesn't seem to have been properly reviewed by anyone except the offspring of a (now ex) Apple employee.

It appears that the stories of a delays and low stock numbers clearly resonated with the scalpers of the internet, so a bunch of them likely stayed up all night (or possibly coded bots) to grab the phones as soon as they were available. I don't condone the behaviour, but I certainly don't blame them.

Scalping is a pretty shitty practice designed to rip people off, and that's especially true when talking about limited edition stock like the SNES Classic or concert tickets. But this is a little bit different. There's no chance Apple would willingly stop production on its latest handset given how much money it makes from iPhones. It'll keep pumping those out the iPhone X in massive quantities for at least another two years. So I've got no sympathy for the fools who are so impatient they're willing to throw money at their computers to get one early.

So if you really want an iPhone X you can go on eBay. But just know that I (and presumably others) are goingg to judge you for it. Pay the RRP like a sensible person, or better still buy a phone that costs half as much because £999 is a stupid price for a phone.

But if you have a pre-order and are getting some ideas, be aware that this isn't as lucrative as it seems. eBay takes 10 per cent of your sale, and PayPal takes another three per cent. That listing right up at the top? That's seller is going to have to pay at least £145 in fees, which means they're going to lose money on the sale.

Whichever side you're on, don't be an idiot.

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