It's Official: Fidget Spinners Have Now Made it to Space

By Dave Meikleham on at

Humankind's various ventures into space over the decades have been pioneering and humbling; giving us a glimpse both of our boundless potential as a species, and our utter insignificance in the grand cosmic scale of things. That, and zero gravity fidget spinners.

Forget Neil Armstrong landing on a galactic rock made of cheese, mankind's most important space endeavour happened in the last week, as you'll soon see in this video:

Nope, your eyes doth not deceive you. That is indeed a bunch of astronauts – namely Joseph Acaba, Mark T. Vande, Paolo Nespoli, and Randy Bresnik – fooling around with a fidget spinner while aboard the International Space Station.

Who said NASA isn't down with the kids?

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