It's Official: Glasgow is Stinkier Than London

By Gary Cutlack on at

For years now we've heard that living in London is about as good for your health as huffing burning carrier bags for something to do in the evening, but it's not even the worst place in the UK for your lungs any more. That burning torch has now been handed to Glasgow.

The numbers come from the World Health Organisation via the Royal College of Physicians, which has released data covering the air quality of 51 UK cities and towns. It found that 44 of these had high levels of the small sooty particulates that are linked with  basket of health and life-shortening issues, with Glasgow topping or bottoming the list by exposing its inhabitants to an annual average of 16 micrograms of the PM2.5 sooty particles per cubic metre.

London's still high up the grime charts with a PM2.5 rating of 15, with Cardiff and Birmingham both on 14. The safe-ish level for these according to the WHO is 10 micrograms per cubic metre. [Glasgow Live]

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