John Lewis is Ditching Sat Navs, Because Everyone Just Uses Their Phones Now

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are lots of gadgets the smartphone has usurped over the past decade, including the video camera, the watch, the torch, and so on. You can add another gizmo to that list, though, because John Lewis has announced its going to stop selling dedicated sat nav systems. You know, because everyone uses apps for that now.

The retailer has decided that sat navs shouldn't be taking up precious space on the sales floor, instead relegating systems to online-only sales. This decision is in response to declining sales of sat nav devices, which John Lewis's annual report claims are being "left behind" thanks to the ubiquity of mapping services on smartphones.

The increase in the number of cars manufactured with sat nav built in are also mentioned as having an impact.

It's not actually that surprising. The vast majority of people have a smartphone, and there are plenty of free GPS apps that offer a similar experience to a dedicated device. Back when modern smartphones were in their infancy this wasn't really the case, but with advances like 4G, offline navigation, and real-time traffic updates from the likes of Google and Waze means phones are able to offer something far better without having to pay for a new device.

Plus, I don't know about you, but my phone (shockingly) has a better battery life than the sat nav my parents bought about 10-15 years ago. It still works fine after all this time, but it barely lasts five minutes without power any more. [Auto Express]

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