Join the Minute Physics YouTube Channel on a Journey Through Fictional Time Travel Logic

By Julie Muncy on at

Any journey through time and space is bound to get a little wonky. How can you have free will travelling through time if the past has already happened? What happens if you meet your past self? Why did Marty almost hook up with his mum? The great mind behind Minute Physics is here to help.

There are a lot of strong analyses on time travel in fiction, but the Minute Physics YouTube channel’s is more elegant and wide-ranging than most. It considers some examples that I hadn’t even considered (Did Charles Dickens invent time travel fiction?!) and manages to lay out the plot to Primer in a way I very nearly understand.

Check it out below, and let’s take the time to chat about our favourite versions of time travel in fiction. I’m partial to Looper, but only because I think Rian Johnson is a genius. That scene between Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt in the diner gets me every single time.


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