London's US Embassy Hedge is a Goldmine of Stashed Goods

By Gary Cutlack on at

A deep undercover investigation into the security arrangements of the US embassy in London has exposed the bizarre lengths some people go to in order to keep their appointments with the bureaucrats within, revealing that people who accidentally have restricted items on them are often prompted to hide them outside in the bushes for the duration of their visit.

The list of items you're not allowed to bring into the US embassy includes bike helmets, laptops, scissors, glass bottles -- oh, and guns, oddly enough -- with the Wall Street Journal asking some visitors what they do with their things when they accidentally arrive with a prohibited pair of child's scissor in their bag or a glass bottle of aspartame in a sweaty hand.

Some put their banned items in the bin and then retrieve them on the way out -- on the advice of staff -- while others realise that the best thing to do is pop out to the park opposite and stash things in the bushes of Grosvenor Square. The paper spoke to a groundskeeper who said he's found penknives, alcohol and even a vibrator hidden in shrubbery while doing his rounds, lost or forgotten about by their owners. [WSJ]