Lost UK Hawk Found and Caught Thanks to Day-Old Chick

By Dave Meikleham on at

With talons so sharp they look like they could slice steel and a beak that could peck your eyes out in two seconds flat, the Harris hawk is not to be messed with. Recently, a chap by the name of Mark Render from the town of Washington, Tyne and Wear in Northern England lost one of these magnificent birds of prey. Happily, his winged chum – who's called Ares – has now turned up after being missing for two weeks. And you can thank a baby chick for the pair's reunion.

Image: Pixabay

After Render placed missing posters around town, Ares was eventually spotted by a dog walker near a park. The two-and-a-half-year-old predator was then lured down with a day-old chick, though upsettingly, the original BBC story doesn't detail if said chick was alive at the time, and if it was, whether or not it survived this bait-tastic encounter.

Please don't be dead, little chick.

Anyhoo, Render and his pal have now been reunited, and according to the bird's owner, Harris hawks are capable of a seriously cool feat in their natural habitat. "In the wild - this kind of hawk lives in the desert - they'll sit on each others' shoulders to get a better vantage point," he told the BBC.

Luckily, no Sunderland residents had their shoulders ripped to pieces while the bird, which has a 3ft wingspan, was MIA.