McDonalds is Trialling the McVegan in Finland

By Tom Pritchard on at

McDonalds may have been selling salads and vegetables for a while now, but if a vegan were to walk in the door the only hot food they could realistically eat are the chips. Maybe hash browns if they're early enough. But now, presumably because of the increasing number of people who abstain from anything animal-related, its trialling a new vegan burger in Finland.

It's called the McVegan, and no I'm not making that up. It's being trialled in Tampere from 4th October until 21st November, and consists of a soy burger, usual McDonalds salady stuff, and a vegan McFeast sauce.

It's only one location, and since McDonalds has made no mention of a global rollout it might be a while before you see this in your local establishment. It would make sense to roll it out to countries where it will sell, though, especially those with large vegetarian populations.

Still this is nice news for the vegan community, because it means there's hope they can enjoy fast food just like the rest of us. While there are a bunch of pretentious people who will insist that the vegan lifestyle is healthier and better for you, this means vegans everywhere might get the chance to go and prove them wrong. If you want to. This is a free society, and that means you can be vegan and overweight if you want to be.

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