McDonald's Promises Rick & Morty Fans Will Get More Szechuan Sauce Soon

By Tom Pritchard on at

Last week it was announced that McDonald's would be bringing back the Szechuan dipping sauce, as popularised by Rick & Morty, in very limited quantities for a single day. That promotion turned out to be a complete disaster, with stores having a ridiculously small amount of sauce in stock, and fans overreacting to the news that they couldn't get a packet of sugary gloop.

Well McDonalds has responded to that news by promising more sauce is on the way.

I'm a little torn about how to feel about this. On one hand fans have been going nuts over the sauce ever since Rick & Morty season 3 premiered in April, creating petitions and constantly asking about it on social media. To the point where it's starting to cross the line.

Since fans had managed to convince the fast food giant that bringing back the sauce was a good idea,  McDonald's should have realised there would have been insane demand for it. But that doesn't excuse the people who jumped the counter to steal packets for themselves, or any of the other behaviour that forced staff to call the police. I mean, it's a sauce from McDonald's. If the Szechuan sauce is anything like the other chicken nugget sauces, it won't be as good as a supermarket equivalent.

Kudos to McDonald's for realising that it messed up this poorly implemented PR stunt, but shame on those fans that basically ruined it for everyone else. [McDonalds via ScreenRant]

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