Microsoft Admits That Windows Phone is Dead

By Tom Pritchard on at

We've all known it for years, what with it's dwindling market share and lack of support, but Microsoft has finally admitted that Windows Phone is dead. Deader than the Norwegian Blue. In a series of tweets Microsoft's Joe Belfiore has confirmed that the company will no longer be actively working on Windows Phone, or its sort-of successor Windows Mobile.

Saying Microsoft has stopped supporting the platform wouldn't be accurate, given the promise of bug fixes and security updates, but given the lack of new development on the platform it's safe to say that Microsoft's attempt to conquer the mobile market is well and truly over.

Well we all knew it, but to hear those words come from Microsoft is the final nail in the coffin. At least Windows users will be happy that Microsoft isn't ditching all work in the mobile sector. It regularly releases apps for Android and iOS, including a new Android launcher that lets you connect to a Windows PC. Though, that's probably what it should have done from the start. [The Verge]

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