Netflix is Expanding its Content Protection Team to Try and Reduce Piracy

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are a lot of reasons why people resort to piracy to consume content. Reasons that include not wanting to pay, or because there's no way of actually getting hold of it in a way that's both legitimate and convenient. Subscription streaming services like Netflix have done a lot to make it more convenient for people, but even that can't stop piracy completely - which is why Netflix is expanding its content protection team.

Netflix produces a lot of great programming that you can't see anywhere else, but there are naturally some people who want to watch it without having to pay £6+ a month to do so. Naturally the company isn't happy about piracy (theoretically) taking money away from its bank accounts, and has been doing a lot of work to deal with the problem. That includes sending over a million takedown requests to Google since last March.

And now Netflix is expanding its content protection team with a new hire, based out of Los Angeles. It involves evaluating current technological solutions to the problem of internet piracy, as well as monitoring well known content platforms in order to issue manual takedowns. Platforms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and all those places pirated content gets taken down within a few minutes of it being uploaded.

Also part of the job description are ensuring people aren't finding easy to get round automated systems like YouTube's ContentID system, and liaise with Netflix's partners who issue manual takedown requests on the company's behalf.

There's no word on salary, what experience you need, or whether you can do this job from home (and not move to the land of the rising Trump), but it does show that Netflix isn't going to sit back and let piracy soak up its revenue. While there are rumours that the company uses piracy metrics to work out what content it should be hosting, the relationship isn't a two-way street. If you are a pirate who watches Netflix's content, you might want to watch out - if it hires someone competent you're going to find it that bit harder to illegally watch new episodes of House of Cards. [TorrentFreak]

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