Next-Gen Boris Bike Rolls Out Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pashley Cycles, the importer and assembler of the bits that make up London's fleet of official hire bicycles, has revealed its latest model, and there are quite a few changes under the saddle.

The biggest alteration to the design is a reduction in wheel size, from 26" to thinner 24" options. Proper cyclists in their bib shorts and with their webcams on the heads won't like it, but the idea is to make the hire fleet easier to ride for the normal-trouser-wearing occasional cyclist, and these smaller wheels are easier to push of with and get up to speed.

They also allow the step-through bottom bracket part of the frame to be lower and wider, again making it easier for people not used to flinging their hard legs over a carbon fibre crossbar to get on the things and enjoy dicing with vans and taxis. Apparently the way the handlebars attach to the front of the bike has been redesigned too, so there won't be so much worrying wobbling coming from the steering.

They'll be stamped as the 5000 series and start hitting the streets of London today. [Pashley via Bike Biz]

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