NHS Trials Airbnb-Style Hosting for Recuperating Patients

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a hot new modern money-making gig economy scheme in town, one that promises a grand a month in return for letting someone sleep in your spare room, or in your bedroom while you sleep on the kitchen floor. And it's backed by the NHS.

The idea is that homing recuperating sick people could be done out in the real world, with hospitals freeing up bed space by getting recovering patients to sleep in with people who'd act as carers in return for a payday. The trial, being coordinated by CareRooms in trusts in Essex, offers potential landlords up to £1,000 a month to house a recovering person, with the host expected to heat up three meals a day and generally chat to and amuse the patient, perhaps even going so far as to let them choose what to watch on TV.

CareRooms says there's an initial vetting process to go through to ensure that rogue landlords aren't stacking up rows of sick people in bunk beds in basements in order to rake it in, plus potential hosts must go through training to ensure they have the legal minimum knowledge of hygiene, mental health care and food prep standards. [Health Service Journal via Telegraph]

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