One Scientist Has Worked Out Hangover-Free Cocktails, and Wants to Open 100 Bars to Sell Them

By Tom Pritchard on at

A London-based drug scientists claims to have figured out how to create cocktails that won't leave the user with a hangover when they wake up after a hard night of drinking. And before anyone says anything, he's not just removed the booze and suggesting everyone drinks glorified glasses of fruit juice.

Professor David Nutt has spent the past ten years experimenting with different substances to find something that mimics the effect of alcohol on the brain, but without damaging the liver in the process. He now wants funding for the final round of tests, with the overall goal of opening 100 different bars to sell the hangover-free cocktails to the masses.

According to The Times the professor and his team, who work at Imperial College London, have narrowed their testing down to a final five compounds. All five will be submitted to the Food Standards Agency for testing, but according to Nutt there is some early evidence suggesting that they are fit for human consumption.

Nutt claims that one of the main advantages of the new 'synthetic alcohol' is that it could be adapted on a customer-by-customer basis, so that they can retain a constant, but safe level of intoxication. Not sure how they'll manage that in a bar, but it'll be interesting to see. He also says that it wouldn't cause the build-up of acetaldehyde, which can cause the symptoms of a hangover after being broken down by the liver.

It sounds like a great idea to me, particularly since people have a reputation for using up their sick days to recover from a hangover. No bunking off means better productivity for all. And if this stuff can provide a nice does of intoxication without damaging the liver, then that's better for everyone in the long term. [Times via London Evening Standard]

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