OS Does AR so You Can Look at Your Phone All the Time When Outside

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's OK, the clever people at the Ordnance Survey have come up with a perfectly valid reason for you to be looking at your phone even in the middle of nowhere -- AR. The official OS map now overlays local data and place names atop the app's fed in camera display, meaning you don't need to get your eyes dirty by looking directly at a field.

The AR part of the paid OS map is your standard overlaid facts thing, offering to tell you the name of that hill, where the nearest pub is likely to be and, if there's a data connection in this dump, it can pull in local transport links to get you back to somewhere with at least an H+ connection and a shop that sells vape paraphernalia.

Tim Newman, the digital boss at the OS, said: "Mobiles can provide you with excellent knowledge of your immediate surroundings but you can lose the wider perspective on a small screen. The new augmented reality view helps address this by showing what is on the horizon." [Ordnance Survey]

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