Oxford Wants To Ban All Petrol And Diesel Vehicles By 2020

By James O Malley on at

Bad news if you like burning oil to make your car move, as Oxford City Council is launching a consultation on banning petrol and diesel vehicles entirely from the city centre, as early as 2020.

According to The Evening Standard the proposed ban is in response to air pollution in city being pretty hideous. It would apply to all vehicles - including taxis and buses, with the plan being to start by restricting the inner city centre, before expanding outwards in two waves in 2025 and 2030. HGVs would be banned entirely in 2035.

The upshot is that it could apparently cut nitrogen dioxide (which is bad) in the area by up to 74%.

As the Standard notes, such moves would put the city ahead of even traditionally progressive London. The furthest mayor Sadiq Khan has gone so far is to propose an Ultra Low Emissions Zone in central London, which would charge motorists of the most polluting cars more to enter the city.

It all sounds very sensible to us. But you can already hear angry motorists starting their engines... [Evening Standard]