Pigeon Panic is an AR app That Lets You Frolic With Everyone's Favourite Flying Disease Bags

By Dave Meikleham on at

Pigeons truly are the feathered rats of the bird community. While certain parts of their anatomy may taste splendid when prepared by Michelin Star restaurants, the average pigeon you'll find on the streets is a gormless, disease-ridden popping machine. Thankfully, the stars of a new iPhone augmented reality app are much less objectionable.

Image: Apple App Store

Pigeon Panic is a new app that makes use of the ARKit that Apple introduced with iOS 11. The basic premise? Hold your phone up while walking around real streets, then proceed to fling around imaginary onscreen food to attract groups of equally imaginary onscreen pigeons. As gaming premises ago, it's delightfully uncluttered. You then acquire points by charging towards the flying disease bags to scare them off. The more you chase away, the more points you acquire.

Here's a look at the free app in action:

Pigeon Panic was created by London-based studio Combo. The team's app may very well now include my favourite fictional pigeons of all time... possibly just behind the one that appeared in The Simpsons' seventh Halloween special.

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