Prince's Trousers and Shoes Aired in Public Today

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today sees the opening of an exhibition called My Name is Prince in London's O2 Arena, a chance to celebrate the life and career of -- and poke around the clothes of -- the American musical polymath.

The key things to see include masses of stuff taken from his former Paisley Park base, showing off the outfits he wore during his various phases and centring on a recreation of a stage built in the form of that swirly symbol thing he changed his name to for a bit in his baffling early 1990s period.

Particularly of note to Prince historians is a Gibson L65 guitar he used in the early days of his career, outfits from Graffiti Bridge, and the orange cloud guitar he used in the Super Bowl show in 2007, that was for a long time his only representation on YouTube. Tickets are about £25, which seems like a lot to have a look at a dead man's trousers. You can do that for free in Oxfam. [The O2]

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