Raspberry Pi-Powered Mini Rover Looks Hardy Enough For Interplanetary Missions

By Gizmodo Australia on at

Flying drones may be neat, but let's not forget the faithful, wheeled rover that has served us many days. Sure, there's not much need for your own, personal mini-rover, but if the Turtle Rover Kickstarter is anything to go by, there's more than enough interest. Over £59,000 worth, in fact.

Image: Kell Ideas/YouTube

Although the Kickstarter, which raised €66,720 (£59,164), has now ended, the rover is still available for "preorder" via a separate Indiegogo campaign. The unit is made from a combination of "aerospace aluminium", plastics and stainless steel and features a robotic arm capable of lifting up to 500g.

Its four-hour battery life should get you 200m or so, depending on how much streaming you decide to do via its built-in camera. As for programmability, that comes down to your familiarity with the Raspberry Pi 3 and the Debian-based Raspbian operating system.

If you're interested, be prepared to cough up a pretty penny. The $990 (£748) "Maker Kit" requires self-assembly, while the $1,972 (£1,489) package comes pre-built.

Neither includes shipping and I don't see any mention of the Raspberry Pi 3 as part of the package (a point stated explicitly for the Kickstarter tiers), so that might need to be added to the shopping list.

Still, it's adorable as far as rovers go. [Kickstarter]

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