Recycled Plastic Used to Patch UK Roads

By Gary Cutlack on at

Plastic roughly equivalent to that used in 800,000 carrier bags and 500,000 bottles has found itself a new permanent home in Cumbria, where it's doing some good for once instead of getting in the sea and toxifying the planet.

Cumbria council has been testing a new pothole patching system that mixes recycled plastic in with the asphalt, which uses recycled plastic as part of its tarmac recipe to ensure the newly filled roads outlast civilisation.

Parts of the the A7 in Carlisle have been filled with this new material, which is based on something engineer Toby McCartney saw in India, where locals fill potholes with plastic and set it on fire to create a temporary fix. The method employed here isn't so dramatic, mind, as it uses a secret blend (really) of recyclables that replace some of the bitumen element we use in road surfacing. [BBC]

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