Roku Just Announced Some New Hardware Which Probably Won't Come to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

If you go shopping for a streaming box from a big-name company in this country there will be one company that always comes up short. That's because Roku seems to have abandoned the UK market, refusing to offer us anything better than the Roku 3 - despite having launched a number of high end boxes over the past two years.

There are more boxes on the way, but the chances of us ever actually seeing them here are slim. TechRadar even asked Roku whether they would see the light of day outside the US, but the company wouldn't confirm anything either way. So without further ado, here are the boxes you'll only get if you opt to extortionate reseller prices.

First up is the new and improved 4K streaming stick, which actually sound rather impressive. That's primarily because it can handle 4K content while retaining it's stick-like frame (unlike the new Amazon Fire TV). The Roku Streaming Stick+, as it's called, can also handle HDR and 60 FPS playback. It costs $69 ( £52). There's also a small non-4K Streaming Stick which packs a quad-core processor and an 802.11 AC dual-band Wi-Fi antenna. That antenna is inside the cable instead of the stick, which Roku claims will improve streaming performance. That'll cost $49 ( £37).

Also coming from Roku are updated versions of the Express and Express+, which Roku claims offers five times the better performance of last year's models. The $29 ( £22) Express offers 1080p via HDMI, while the $39 ( £29) Express+ offers HD resolution via composite (R/W/Y) cable.

Finally there's the 4K HDR Roku Ultra which hasn't changed since last year. The only difference is the price, costing $99 ( £74.50). That's HDR10 on this and the Streaming Stick+, in case you were wondering.

So there you have it, a bunch of streaming boxes that probably won't hit the UK in any official capacity. That said there will no doubt be plenty of resellers stocking these, so if you want a discrete 4K player you know what to look for.

All five new players go on sale on October 6th. [TechRadar]

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