Rumours Suggest Amazon Prime Could Come to Apple TV This Month

By Dave Meikleham on at

There's nothing like some tech-related tittle-tattle, is there? If a Reddit user by the name of "AmazonVideoEngineer" is to believed, Amazon Prime will soon pop up on Apple TV.

Image: Apple

As reported by MacRumours, this individual has made numerous posts based on apparent insider knowledge that Amazon's video-streaming app will appear on Apple's set-top box later this month.

Here's their original post on the matter:

"Wanted to make this throwaway account after yesterday’s debacle. I saw many people get upset so I wanted to issue this warning: do not expect Amazon to launch before October 26th. The app is done, and has been done for months already. However there are a lot of politics going on beyond my pay grade that are pushing the launch back. And just to clarify, October 26 is the earliest I would expect it. Launch could be pushed well into November."

And a more recent update.

"Some of you will remember my post a little while back, in which I warned that Amazon would not launch until at least October 26. We're now just about two weeks from the 26th, and the app is still on track to launch that day. In my time at this job, I have never once seen a release slip this close to a scheduled launch. I am very confident in saying that the 26th is finally the day."

Without knowing what sources this user may or may not have, you'd be best advised to take the above with a lethal amount of salt. Still, the absence of Amazon's video app from Apple TV has long been a major complaint against the device, so let's cross some digits there's actually some fire behind all this speculating smoke.