Samsung's Releasing Star Wars-Brand Robot Vacuums, But These Aren't The Droid (Designs) You're Looking For

By Tom Pritchard on at

Star Wars is a franchise well known for its merchandising, and licensing out the brand to companies wanting to capitalise on it. Now Samsung is getting involved with a brand new range of (two) Star Wars themed robot vacuum cleaners - modelled after Darth Vader and a First Order Stormtrooper.

Not the franchises's many, many droids for some reason.

Both special edition models of the VR7000 are designed to look like their movie counterparts, with light and sound effects to improve the mood. So that Vader vacuum will breath and wheeze like the dark lord of the sith is known to do. The stormtrooper will probably call you a traitor while is shuffles around your living room.

Feature-wise we're looking at the same sort of stuff as the original VR7000. 10 watt suction power capacity, cyclone force technology, and Edge Clean Master which helps is get nice and close to walls and corners. It's also autonomous (as you'd hope), capable of mapping out your home to clean accordingly, with sensors that ensure it avoids colliding with objects around the home.

The Vader model also comes with wi-fi connectivity, and a remote control.

Both models are available to pre-order now for $799 ( £600), and are expected to start shipping on November 3rd. Presumeably they'll be available on Samsung's UK site fairly soon. If not, well if you can afford to spend £600-£700 on a robot vacuum you can probably afford to splurge on shipping.