Sky Q's Voice Search Just Got a Much-Needed Improvement

By Tom Pritchard on at

Given how much it actually costs to get Sky Q, you'd expect it to be pretty much perfect. But as is the way with, well, everything, there are always improvements to be made. Sky just revealed a bunch of new ones for its premium-tier service, including a very helpful improvement to voice search.

If you wanted to use voice search before, pressing the button would take you to a brand new screen. Now, though, you'll stay wherever you are, and a voice search interface will pop up - much like similar systems on the Amazon Fire TVs. Also coming to voice search is the option to use it to change channels, control the playback of your programmes, and toggle accessibility features like audio description and subtitles.

You will, however, need to press the voice button on the remote first, so you will need to retrieve it when it falls down the back of the sofa.

Sky has also reintroduced the favourites menu, letting you save all your favourite channels for quick and easy access. You can do this manually, or Sky Q can do it automatically based on the channels you watch the most. There are 99 slots to fill, so there's plenty of room for them all. There's also dedicated UHD hub for anyone with a 2TB Sky Q box.

Unfortunately there's still no HDR, and when asked why this was the case by Pocket Lint Sky's director of TV experience, David Cameron (no not that David Cameron), said that it wasn't the "right time" for it.

The new update is rolling out now. [Pocket Lint]

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